We’ve Moved


Not from Chicago, silly!  I’ve moved the blog.  Milkymilk is now at TypePad.  I have loved Word Press, for reals.  It is just time to move on.  It is a new year, and I can’t do my cute mini etsy store thingy on this blog.

I also have a new slightly used fancy pants computer.  It has Photo Shop, too!  Maybe I’ll even color correct a photo…  Lets not get too ambitious here.  See you at the new slightly improved Milkymilk!



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I guess I never really learned to spell, and I turned out o.k.

Harper walked on water today.  No.  But she clapped for the first time, which is about the same thing.  She was a late clapper.  Today is her ten month birthday, so she made it on the baby center poll, also known as the realm of normal.  

She has friends younger than her that have been clapping for months.  Friends who don’t crawl, who can clap.  In fact, almost everyone she knows can clap, except the pets.  She could point, do the one baby sign we taught her (‘all done’, which is really not as handy as ‘nap’ or ‘personal space’ would have been).  She even has been taking a baby step like once every week and a half or so.  Earler today, I left the fridge door open for a bit.  When I turned back, she had climbed about a foot up, was stuck and crying.  What is that about?  She can climb better than she can baby step.  

I had almost given up on her clapping.  I thought maybe she would just never clap, and tried to justify that:  Really, do you need to clap?  Sure, it comes in handy at live performances, sporting events, graduation, and so on, but you could just as well as whistle.  It could be a bit awkward sometimes, like when people clap to the beat and she whistles along, but it is really no biggie.  

These are questions she will not have to face, because she clapped today.  Give the girl a hand.



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Now What


We are headed back to Chicago tonight, a fate only worse than being cleaned for the baby, I am sure.  Good bye fishing docks, sunny beaches, doting grandparents, hello cold cruel world.  On some level I’m looking forward to winter again (masochist?), but I don’t know how we will make it though 3 more months of it.  Just think, 3 months from now Harper will probably be walking and taking a bit.  The ground will only be beginning to thaw.


Really, how will we make it though being stuck indoors till March/April-ish?  We have new toys from Christmas, maybe if I give her one a week.  O.k., that will give us about 10-20 minutes of fun about 3 times a day, more or less.  We have playgoups, say about 3 days a week from 11:00-1:00.  We could build a fort?  Fun for mom.  Nap.  Snack. Repeat?  HELP!  How do I keep her occupied without dirt or a swing?


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Merry Christmas

If you are reading this, there is a good chance we miss you very much right now.  I wish Christmas was a portal that lead you to a place where all the people you love are.  Like Quantum Leap, but different.  Actually, nothing like Quantum Leap.  That would be awful.

Wish you were here & tons of Love & hope your holidays are like a portal that is not on Quantum Leap!


In my family, we open one present on Christmas Eve.  I was lucky enough to marry into a family that has the same tradition.  


Tonight was Harper’s first Christmas Eve, and she had a wonderful time.  She tore wrapping paper, ate a box, and even partied past 7:00 p.m. with new buddies.  Lets cross our fingers she keeps the good times coming.  I think she will as she LOVES her Grammy & Granddad, ripping wrapping paper, boxes, food and Florida.



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Leave the Baby in Another Room

Happy Holidays form sunny Florida!


Harper is almost 10 months, and has lost interest in walking.  It seems like a hassle, when crawling is just so easy.  This does not worry me.  Someday, she will walk.  She’ll certainly surcome to the peer pressure.  

What worries me is that she wants to climb.  I know people who have climbers.  They are not happy.  Their kids cannot be left in a room alone.  They end up dangling from high places, sometimes falling.  There are tears and little time spent not watching the climber.  I have so looked forward to a time when I can leave the baby in another room, and she will amuse herself.  I mean that in a loving way, in a I’m running out of tricks to entertain you, baby girl, and I need to use big words sometimes way.  Maybe if I just rid the house of climbable objects, like furniture, it will be o.k.  There would be fewer objects to dust, too!  And, the dog will not have the temptation of the couch.  That dog. and the couch. the hair.  ugh.

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Pack It Up


She is cute, right.  I mean, come on.  I’m her mom, I might not be objective about her all the time, but she is way cute.

Her poo smells.  I mean bad.  Like, ‘Why did I not even try elimination communication!?!’ bad.  What can I do (other than hand her over to Skylar)?  Is there some magic make my baby’s poo stop smelling like feral dogs who eat stick bombs and roll in possum doo food?

Any-who, we are headed out to Florida, to spend Christmas with Skylar’s parents.  This morning, the weather channel was predicting a high of 2 and a low of 1 in Chicago tomorrow.  There is probably a foot or more of snow out there, too.  Aaa, Florida!  I cannot wait.  Sun, swimming, and please, oh please, a break from this eczema that has taken over our family.  We are very dry and very uncomfortable. 



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If All Your Friends Jumped Off A Cliff


I found this picture, from when Harper was a newborn-ish itty bit, on Skylar’s computer.

I am on Skylar’s computer.  My computer died yesterday.  We were not that close, really.  I was his third owner, so he was a handed down hand me down.  What I miss the most are my bookmarks.  There were some good ones, bookmarks to blogs, crafty things to do someday, beautiful toys that I will never really spend the money on…  I miss you, bookmarks.  Skylar’s bookmarks are about fantasy sports, Mob Wars, Facebook, works stuff.  I feel like Goldilocks, and this computer is too masculine.  Sorry if this sounds forced or awkward, but it is.

In other news, one of our best buddies is pregnant again!  Yea!  This marks the third buddy of Harper and mine to be on the way toward baby number two.   Now that one of our bestest buddies is pregnant, I was a little worried that once she has her baby, we’ll never see them again.  They’ll go off to two baby other-worldliness, where ever that is.  I wouldn’t know, because I only have one baby.  I’m a new mom.  I’ll still be new, and she’ll be a veteran.  So, naturally, I thought it might be time to go a head and make another baby.  “But all of my friends are doing it!”  Logic did not really fly in this house.  

Oh, well.  Hopefully, I’ll be more helpful by only having one baby.  She’ll be walking by then, so I will have an extra set of hands.

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