Husbands, whatch’ya-gonna do?

On Thursday, we went to watch Skylar play on one of Harper & my friend’s kickball teams, the Rusty Wranglers. It felt good just to be out. I felt like part of a couple for a minute, and not just Harper’s mom.

So at the end of the day, I was showering my husband with affection, and I say a phrase that I think ends up causing angst in most relationships:

“We should have date night.”

“Umm… yea. We should have date night.”


“It is just the logistics of date night, babe.”


(This is were things get crazy long winded.)

And so, recently one of the mom’s groups I’m a part of started going to get mom’s mani-pedis at this place that has a nursery. A manicure is $30, a pedi is $50, and child care is an additional $5 every 1/2 hour. Gee freek’n’ willakers! And it is not even a spa! It is not like you get access to a steam room, sauna, or any of that good stuff with those prices. It is at some place full of therapists and psychiatrists. What? Yes. Manicurists who are talented at using their feeling words. No thank you.

So I said to my husband, you should get together with some of the other dads, you guys can take the babies for a bit after work, and the moms can go to Twinkle Toes and get a mani-pedi for $35. Voila, you make buddies with daddies, Harper gets to hang with her fiends, we get our nails done, and save like $80. Skylar tells me he would have to meet the dads first. Hello, is he going to conduct interviews with these guys before they can hang out at the park together?

Recently, her met another dad, Dave.

Dave likes sports. Therefore, Skylar likes Dave. It is that simple. Really.

So Dave’s wife, Tara, suggested the guys get together with the babies and watch Monday night football while we get mani-pedis. I shared this idea with Skylar.

“Monday night football! We could get wings. Or, you ladies could make us some food. We could do it every Monday.”

“I don’t need my nails done every week.”

“You girls could go out drinking. Martini Monday, like your mom.”

Do I have a point here? Yes, I do:

Logistics are a matter of perspective. A perspective that is changed greatly by sports.



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2 responses to “Husbands, whatch’ya-gonna do?

  1. Al Herrmann

    I love your blog, cuz in some ways it is like getting to go have breakfast with you. Plus, there’s pictures!

    I miss you, Mary! I miss learning from you- today’s post is a great example. And I miss your sense of humor, where, even among the organs of a bunny, you can still see it as Trixie’s Thanksgiving!

    Knowing you, Mary, has really enriched my life!


  2. milkymilk

    Awe! You are the best. I was just thinking earlier today, ‘Al is so cool. Everyone loves Al, and he always knows whats happening. How did I ever get to be his friend?’

    Miss you, too!


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