Skylar came home from work the other night to my taping job.  He looked at it.  He looked away.  He has not said anything about it, which is his way of saying ‘I married a crazy person.  A crazy person with too much follow through.’


Now, rather than chewing on the power cords, Harper picks at the tape.  Oh well.  Someday she’ll understand the difference between dangerous objects and toys…  Right?




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5 responses to “Childproofing

  1. Al Herrmann

    I have a crazy memory from childhood, which I know cannot be true, of somehow getting my knee stuck in an electrical outlet. I never stuck any part of my body in an electrical outlet again.

  2. milkymilk

    Your knee? Were you super skinny?

    People, babies included, really learn best though experiences, you know. Maybe she’ll get tape all stuck to her, and be afraid of power cords cuz they are sticky.

  3. Al Herrmann

    oh, maybe that’s why I don’t like being sticky. seriously, that’s why i won’t eat ribs- all sticky, barbecuey hands, sticky, barbecuey face- totally cannot, will not handle it. if god wants me to eat ribs, he’ll put ’em on a stick.

  4. Al Herrmann

    i was skinny back then, but not that skinny!

  5. milkymilk

    What about peanut butter and jelly sticky?

    Ribs are too messy, for sure.

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