no playdates at this house today

On there is a 100% chance of rain at 2:00 today.  (I love that it is 100%.)  That is when we were going to meet up with some mommy and baby buddies at the park.

I’d invite them over, but the dog has a cone on his head.  He has a scratch that got infected, or something, so he has to ware a cone for a week.  He keeps running into stuff with it, and it has made him a bit depressed, understandably.  Harper is finally over her fear of the cone.  She was terrified of it last night.  I mean jumping out of her skin, the poor thing.  Our house hold was pretty nuts-o these last 24 hours, but it has been funny.  At least, I think it is funny.  The dog is not so amused.



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2 responses to “no playdates at this house today

  1. Al Herrmann

    Poor Diggie. Maybe that photo of Bridget wearing the cone will cheer him up.

    Don’t tell him, now would be the absolute worst time, apparently, but I am house- and d0g-sitting for another couple this week. You know Drew and Phoebe, right? Emily Cummins brother? I’m taking care of their insanely cute but insanely needy dog. Diggie is much, much more manageable. She couldn’t handle me tying my shoelaces this morning, she had to be petted RIGHT THEN.


  2. milkymilk

    Dignon would be so jealous! I won’t say anything.

    Wow, I’m gonna count my lucky stars that Digs is not that high maintenance.

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