Solids, the Short of it

(This is what little I’ve learned and found useful.  For every parent, it will be different.)

  • Every mom I know, hippie and yuppie alike, has this book: Super Baby Food.  Here is a sample chapter.
  • I also looked at Dr. Sears’ website.
  • Most baby’s first meals are rice cereal thinned with breast milk or formula.  The idea is to start with it mostly milk and get it thicker and thicker as the baby gets a little older and eats more.
  • Start with breakfast.  That way if there is any bit of allergy, it is less likely to disrupt their sleep.
  • Signs of an allergy include a rash & fussiness.
  • By seven months, most babies should be having three meals a day.  (You can tell your baby is ready for more meals when they don’t seem satisfied by their liquid diet, like when they are still hungry after a feeding.)
  • By nine months, babies might be mostly eating table foods.

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