Poison & Worm Lard

Skylar is off to party with some guy named Brett Michaels backstage at the Hoarse Shoe Casino while I’m making homemade Oreo cookies.  He has to go, for work, of course.  He was like, I’ll stay home if you want, I’ll just miss a once in a life time opportunity.  “But, you worked with these people a lot.”  “No.  To party with Poison.  Their parties are legendary!”  Whaeves, my cookies are Yummy!  

Two little known facts about me & Oreos:

1.  We were not allowed to eat Oreo cookies at home, because they made too many crumbs.  No lie.

2.  Someone told me when I was little that the secret ingredient in the Oreo center was worm lard.  Not only did I believe it, I never questioned it.  I think I told a co-worker in my late 20s I was a vegetarian, except for fish, gelatin, and Oreos, cuz of the worm lard.  There was an awkward pause.  That was when I found out that there was not worm lard in cookies.  Even so, when I found this recipe for homemade Oreos, I thought to myself, “Will they taste the same without the worm lard?  Where could I find worm lard?  Oh, wait a minute…”



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3 responses to “Poison & Worm Lard

  1. Skylar

    The good thing is at the poker table I won enough money for you to get the jeans you wanted.

  2. Liz

    Good times! I was scared for Harper when I read the title of this post. Did you hear that “This American Life” episode with the theme of realizations, much like the worm lard realization? It was great.

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