A day for the baby book

Harper has a tooth!  It is very very sharp and very very small.  You would think she just graduated from college by how proud I am.

She also had her first adult-like poo today.  They say when a baby has teeth they have the proper enzymes in their stomach to digest food, and let me tell you, for Harper, that is true.  

For a teething baby, I have to say she is in a really good mood, and for a mom facing shit for the first time, I think I’m holding it together.



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2 responses to “A day for the baby book

  1. Skylar

    My baby is so cool!

  2. Al Herrmann

    Yea, Harper! Yea, Mary! Yea, Skylar!

    I was just saying yesterday that I wish my teeth were sharp like Fiskars. But my co-worker pointed out that I’d be in trouble if I bit my tongue.

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