Oh no he Didn’t!

Dignon ate his first baby toy.  It was such a lovely toy, too.  Our friend Liz gave it to Harper.

So sad.



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4 responses to “Oh no he Didn’t!

  1. Al Herrmann

    Maybe if she had gotten something for Diggie, he wouldn’t be so jealous.

    Not that you should go down that road. “Oh god- it’s Trixie’s birthday- which means we need to get a cake, and presents for Trixie, and Skanky, and Dignan, and Harper, too. Let’s see, well, Harper’s growing so much, so that’s easy- clothes. And I saw a nice zebra/orangutan/cow squeeze toy at the petstore, for Dig, so that’s done. A nice baby bunny for Trixie, obviously. But what about Skanky, she’s always so hard to buy for? And we still owe her a present from last month, for Dignan’s birthday- damnit!”

  2. milkymilk

    “zebra/orangutan/cow squeeze toy” That is so true! Why do they make such crazy toys for dogs? It is not like they think it is funny.

    Speaking of the gift/toy conundrum, I think we are going to homemade gifts for Kippy Christmas this year. No glass toys for kitties and puppies, though.

  3. Liz

    What is Kippy Christmas?
    Perhaps I should have thought of Diggie. And it really is in Dignon’s face that the toy sort of looks like a steak or a bone on wheels. I am proud, though, that Dignon chose this toy as his first.

  4. milkymilk

    Kippy Christmas is Christmas for kitties and puppies.

    It has a song. I’ll have to post it after thanks Giving.

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