Vote Early & Vote Often!

I voted today.  How about you?

Not to discourage anyone form voting early, but, in Chicago, you do not get an ‘I Voted’ sticker.  It sux, I know.   You do get this nice receipt, though.  I supose you could put some tape on it and tape it to yourself.  I am willing to send anyone who votes early and does not get a sticker some tape.  Don’t let a lack of sticker hold you back, I have lots of tape!



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2 responses to “Vote Early & Vote Often!

  1. Skylar

    I actually had a conversation today at work where I was holding my early vote form in my hand, and I said I think I am going to wait for election day so I can get my sticker.

    Milky Milk reads minds!

  2. Skylar

    Harper and I just ran into a lady who had an “I voted” sticker on…I asked her where she voted and she said the suburbs. I guess us city folk don’t get to have pride in the election process.

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