Rice and Lentils

This was a few weeks ago, but I just got around to posting it.  It was the first time I gave Harper homemade baby food.

It was a recipe I found in ‘What to Expect The First Year’ for rice and lentils.  I was so proud of myself, such a heath conscious, thrifty and well read mama.  Harper was not too impressed.  It was pretty nasty stuff, I have to say.  

Now, I just feed her little bits of what I’m having, and lots of mushy things like sweet potatoes, bananas, avocados, bread and squash.  She likes cheese, too.



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3 responses to “Rice and Lentils

  1. Al Herrmann

    Harper’s all, “Oh, Thanx. You Shouldn’t Have”. Your reaction to her slapping it away is awesome. What a sweet mom you are!

  2. milkymilk

    I know, I’m the worst, but it is so much fun! I love her attitude. At least, it is cute now. I’m sure when she is a teenager it will not be as cute…

  3. Al Herrmann

    If she pulls something like that when she’s a teenager, and you just laugh at her- oh boy!

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