Bird Brains

While Harper was helping herself to some dirt and fall leaves in the front yard this afternoon, I figured I start tiding up the yard.  I began getting the leaves out of the flower beds when I came across this bird skeleton.  I suspect it was not Trixie’s handy work, because the scull was in such pristine condition.  I think she would have eaten it, or at least, crunched it up a bit.  Or, left it on the porch for me.

Lately, I have been seeing a black and white version of Trixie in the hood.  That cat is like Trixie’s shadow.  It could have been the work of the Shadow, as an offering to Trixie, who, turned it down, cuz she is trixie like that.

My mom’s Shitzu, Kiki, is getting a glass eye, like Columbo.  Maybe we’ll have Kiki come over and solve the case of the mystery dead bird and Trixie’s Shadow after she recovers from her surgery.


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  1. Al Herrmann

    Happy Halloween, Mary, Skylar, Harper, Spanky, Trippie, and Dippie!!!


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