GPS for Cats


We have decided to do homemade presents for Kippy Christmas this year.

 What is Kippy Christmas?  Why, it is Christmas for kitties and puppies.  It is a big deal in our house.  It even has it’s own song.

I’ve been looking forward to sewing some plush toys for the pets that coordinate with our decor and that are machine washable.  (Not exactly what they would ask for if the could talk, or write letters to Santa, but they can’t, so there.)  That was until I saw a commercial for a portable personal GPS tracker!  If Trixie had one, I could see where she goes all day.  I could track her down and surprise her!  Dear reader, do you know, or know any one who would know, how to craft your own portable personal GPS tracker for a small cat?  What I lack in resources and know-how I make up for in motivation.



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4 responses to “GPS for Cats

  1. Al Herrmann

    That is the sweetest photo of little Trippy!

  2. Brynne Humphreys

    I am done looking for spelling mistakes…you’ve improved too much.

    Now I just want to read about your adorable kid and kat.

  3. milkymilk

    Yea! I passed! A+?

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