Shout Out to Skylar & Buy my Cookies

Skylar’s crazy busy time at work is over, so he took over tending to Harper for me this weekend.  A saint, I tell you, the man is a saint.  I am a lucky lady.  

I took the time to turn his ‘office’ into my craft room.  He is just finding this out as he reads this, but I’m sure he saw it coming for a while now.  Like, when, a few weeks ago we moved his stuff into the basement… 

Inspired by Design Mom’s post about the felt food craze, I went to town making Christmas gifts for Harper, Spanky (formerly known as Skanky) and Trixie.  



I made felt cookies For Harper, although the zip lock bag is what she really asked for.  


For Spanky, and Trixie, catnip filled dead felt mice.  They are in the fridge so they don’t go bad. 


I also got a head start on my holiday cookies.  This year, I’m selling them on Etsy, too.  Wish me luck!



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2 responses to “Shout Out to Skylar & Buy my Cookies

  1. Skylar

    I may have lost my office, but all the extra cookies are good!

  2. milkymilk

    I am a lucky lady!!!! (Is this too much pda?)

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