Skylar and I began our Christmas shopping today, and it was not as stressful as I had anticipated.  Hopefully, this holiday season will be smooth like butter.

I also got my hair cut, and can I just say, I feel fabulous.  That is right, I do.  I missed my last appointment, at the end of October, which is not like me at all.  I L-O-V-E, love, the girl who cuts my hair, Laura at Luxe.  Really, my favorite ever.  My hair was crazy overgrown and has been in an awkward ponytail for a at least a week.  I feel so much better now.

Harper cried while I was at the salon.  I would like to think it was because she missed me, but I don’t think that was it.  Two and a half weeks ago, I had it with her taking one half hour nap a day.  She started that when she was about 6 months.  I put her on a nap schedule.  It led to her napping for at least an hour, sometimes two!  Before I knew it, her day was totally scheduled, she was taking two good naps a day, and sleeping though the night (jinx)!  Today, I treated this schedule with disregard, because we were Christmas shopping, hello.  She did not cope with this as well as I though she would.  (It is her first Christmas, after-all.)  Low and behold, the baby loves her schedule.  I like it, too.  Although, two naps kinda infringe on our social life.


Our day(s):*

6:30 wake up

7:00-ish breakfast

8:30-ish bottle

10:00 nap

11:00-ish bottle

noon lunch

2:00 bottle & nap 

4:00 bottle

5:30-ish dinner

by 7:00 bath, bottle, bed

*Now that this is in writing it will never happen again.  That is cool, though.  I have a lot more holiday shopping to do.



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6 responses to “Jinx!

  1. Al Herrmann

    Very cute haircut, Mrs!

  2. Eileen

    Love the cut!

  3. milkymilk

    Thank ya’ll so much!

  4. Al Herrmann

    Have you started saying “you guys” in a nasally way, yet?

  5. milkymilk

    No way! I will never give up ya’ll.

    I also do not say “pop” or “soda” when referring to Coke, unless I’m being cheeky. I wonder if Harper will call Coke, pop, and say you guys and not ya’ll.

  6. Al Herrmann

    She may even say, “Da bearssss”, and mean it!

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