How I Lost 5 Lbs. on Thanks Giving


Food poisoning.

I was up at least once an hour till 4:00 in the morning vomiting.  Yesterday, I did not make it out of bed.  This morning I still feel pretty awful.

Skylar had to solo parent all day yesterday.  He takes Harper by himself for bits of the day every weekend, so I did not think this would be that different.  Somehow it must have been, because by 2:00 in the afternoon he came into our room to tell me:

“I don’t know how you do this every day.”

OMG!  I just gained 5 lbs in appreciation!  Worth food poisoning?  No.  But very cool nonetheless.

The best part of our day:  About 7:15 a.m. Skylar called me into the living room asking me to bring a towel.  I came in and saw Harper had projectile vomited all over him and herself.  Vomited mack and cheese & formula.  Mac and cheese?  Yes.  He could not find the applesauce for breakfast, and she does love mac and cheese…  And so, I thought she must have an upset tummy, like me.  I gave her a sippy cup full of diet 7up, because it always makes me feel better.

By the end of the day, Harper was pushing me away to get her daddy.  It was so sweet, I wasn’t offended at all.  She is a daddy’s girl now.

This pic if from Thanks Giving at our friends’ house.  The standing girl, Magnolia, is 19 months, and spent the whole day pointing at Harper saying, “Baby!”  I love it when babies call other babies babies.

Is it just me, or does Harper look like Jackie-O in this picture?


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