Christmas Craft Conundrum


Awe, last year’s tree.

I am not crafty by nature, but the time has come for me to break out a glue gun of some sort and figure out solutions to these problems:

1) Is there a way to craft an attractive and sturdy dog toy?

*I did find this recipe for doggy donuts that I think will be fabulous.

2) We need a Christmas tree alternative.  There is no way to childproof a Christmas tree, and I’m not too keen on how one looks with a baby gate around it.  (Not to mention, I’m not too keen on spending the cash on a baby gate for a Christmas tree.)

*I always wanted to make these Design*Sponge paper ornaments, but I’m not sure if it will be enough…

Any ideas?



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6 responses to “Christmas Craft Conundrum

  1. cheapassedenvironmentalist

    I remember when my little sister was a toddler that my parents got a very small Christmas tree and out it on top of a table so that my sister couldn’t reach it. It does mean a smaller tree, but you do at least get a Christmas tree.

  2. milkymilk

    Thank you! I love that idea. That way I can edit the ornaments, and only have the ones we really love.

  3. Al Herrmann

    What if you have a bunch of small Christmas trees? Or what if you just ang lights and ornaments from the ceiling, aka Mary Janacek? I think that could be really cool.

    What makes those doggie donuts good for dogs and bad for me?

    I tried to make jalapeno cornbread. Not too successful, way too dry. Will now try to make jalapeno cornbread stuffing.

  4. Al Herrmann

    ang = hang, obv.

  5. milkymilk

    I might do something like that in the kitchen, if I can get my act together.

    Yum! Jalapeno cornbread stuffing.

  6. Brynne Humphreys

    What could be easier? It’s a big sticker!

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