Harper’s First Snow

Oh, I can’t tell you how beautiful the first snow of the season is, or can I even attempt to show you in a snapshot.  Before moving to Chicago last year, I had only lived in Texas and California.  You can imagine my shock at winter.  Last year there was snow on the ground from November through February, maybe March.  The biggest shock is that I freaking love it!  OMG!  This first snow’s timing could not have been better, December 1st.  The advent calender’s first chocolate has been eaten, presents are wrapped, I found the Christmas music channel on my cable (O.K. that was one step too far.)

I bundled up Harper, and set her on a blanket (to keep he from getting wet) in the front ‘yard’.  It is more a like an exaggerated planter.  She quietly surveyed her surroundings; cold, gray, damp, void of color.  Her expression remained fixed, hating it but not wanting to cry, for fear her tears would only add to the chilly damp.  She tried briefly to play in it, but it just made her mittens wet. I’m not sure if she was trying to play in it, as much as dig out the world she once knew.  ‘Where did it go?  Grass?  Leaves?  DIRT?  What will I eat?’





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7 responses to “Harper’s First Snow

  1. Skylar

    Let’s be honest…you ate more than the first day of the advent calender.

  2. I love snow too. You really have a cute baby here. 🙂

  3. Al Herrmann

    I love the expression on her face, esp. as it goes from one photo to the next. I can almost hear her sigh of resignation, but I can also see her thinking, “I HAVE to do something about this. I WILL NOT live this way!”

    And she looks so much like you in that bottom photo!

  4. milkymilk

    I love that you also know her inner voice now!

    It is funny how expressions are passed down. Most of the time, we look related. Sometimes, she’ll make a face I know I make, and that started on day one with her pouty face. I think I make that face in the bottom photo. My mom makes it, too.

  5. Al Herrmann

    You totally make that face!

    My mom got the cookies yesterday, she left me a message, so I don’t know if she’s eaten any yet, but she was all, “They’re from Chicago. How did you do that? Are you in Chicago?”

    Thank you, Mary! You are the best!!!

  6. Liz Massey Gendel

    I was thinking the same thing about the bottom picture! Harper looks so much like Mary! Ah, so cute.

  7. milkymilk

    Thank you, Liz! I’m thinking of using a pic similar to that for our holidays card… Which will probably be a happy New Years card at the rate I’m going thsese days.

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