Father Knows Best

This morning Harper pushed Skylar away when I went to hand her to him.  It was pretty rude and uncalled for.  Skylar said, “Oh, she is just teething.”  

He had been saying this for days.  Any little whipper, she’s teething.  Waking up early from a nap?  Teething.  People on the phone?  They must be calling to talk about her teething.  During my sick day, after vomiting my Thanksgiving dinner until 4 a.m., he was giving out baby Tylenol like it was candy.  (It kinda is full of sugar and coloring like candy…)  I did not say anthing, because when you can’t keep food down you just don’t argue with your spouse.  I was so thankful he was taking care of her, I did not care what drugs he was dishing out.

This morning it came out.  My eyes rolled, “She is not teething.”

He stuck his finger in her mouth, “I can feel her tooth.”

So I stuck my finger in, and Harper has a new tooth!  Her top left one is here!  Before we know it she’ll have a full set.


(Imagine a cute picture is here.  I’ll try to put one in later.  For now, the camera battery charger is broken, and that I have not had a nervous break down about it is a testament to the strength of my character.)


*Edited to add pic.



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