9 Months and 5 Days Later…

(Still no new cute pictures of Miss Thing.  Cursid broken battery charger!  Here is one from last week)


Harper took her first steps today.  They were baby steps.  

Another mom saw her do it at playgroup, but I thought it was some freak accident.  Like when she rolled over at three months, but did not do it again for weeks.  Or, when she slept thought the night once, but did not start sleeping well for weeks.  My fellow mama must have thought I was nuts by the way I was so nonchalant about my child WALKING for the first time.  I think my response was along the lines of, ‘Oh, she wants to walk.  Mmmm, cookies!  Be right back.’

When we got home, I put her down near her toys, and she took two steps to get to them.  Whoa!  She is doing something so similar to walking!  I’m so happy, but…  She is growing up so fast.  First steps, then walking, then running, then boys & next thing you know she’ll be asking me for help with her algebra homework.  I don’t remember algebra.  Can that be solved with Google?  Panic.  I feel panic.


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