Biz’s Beat of the Day


This is a very old picture of Harper.  It is from this summer, when she had a baby tan and wore sun dresses.  Before she was mobile enough to eat dirt, and before the ground froze and was covered by snow.  I was playing flickr tag, when you post the 5th picture form your 5th file of photos, when I found this.

I have to make about 154 dozen cookies by Monday.  I might not be posting as much until then.  Yesterday, I made all the dough.  In the midst of using up about 16 lbs. of butter, I found time to put a cute outfit on the baby in an effort to photograph her for a post.  It did not work out, like most things baby related.  She sat there like a deer in headlights.  Normally she lights up and performs a bit when she sees the camera.  Really, she loves it.  As soon as the camera was put away, she discovered how fun the broom is.  It was freakishly cute, but you will just have to take my word for it.  

She also chose yesterday, of all days, to revisit her one crappy nap a day bit.  Come on now.  Work with me, baby girl.  Over 154 dozen cookies.  By Monday.  NAP.  Please.  Your other option is to watch Yo Gabba Gabba, and you don’t want ADD.



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5 responses to “Biz’s Beat of the Day

  1. Liz Massey Gendel

    154 dozen! I can’t even imagine how big a pile of 154 dozen cookies is! Dude.

  2. Al Herrmann

    whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute! One hundred and fifty four DOZEN?!?!?!? I didn’t realize it said dozen till I saw it in Liz’s comment, I thought you were saying 154 cookies, and I thought that was a lot. But CONGRATULATIONS, it seems like your etsy bakery has taken off! So cool!!!!

  3. Liz Massey Gendel

    Wait, I somehow missed out on the cookie business. Mary, you’re simply an overnight sensation! Congrats! Or, rather, my sympathy in the face of 154 dozen cookies!

  4. milkymilk

    I think they are all done. We have not packed all the tins, yet, but the cookies have been baked off. It was really not as bad as it sounded, at all. More on that later…

    Liz, I started an etsy bakery, I also sometimes do baked goods for birthday parties at Skylar’s work, and they bought my cookies for their client gifts this year. Yea! I am a one woman bakery! With a lot of help from Skylar.

  5. Al Herrmann

    Soon you’ll have Harper hard at work in the kitchen! <;}) = happy winking frenchman with dunce cap

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