Pack It Up


She is cute, right.  I mean, come on.  I’m her mom, I might not be objective about her all the time, but she is way cute.

Her poo smells.  I mean bad.  Like, ‘Why did I not even try elimination communication!?!’ bad.  What can I do (other than hand her over to Skylar)?  Is there some magic make my baby’s poo stop smelling like feral dogs who eat stick bombs and roll in possum doo food?

Any-who, we are headed out to Florida, to spend Christmas with Skylar’s parents.  This morning, the weather channel was predicting a high of 2 and a low of 1 in Chicago tomorrow.  There is probably a foot or more of snow out there, too.  Aaa, Florida!  I cannot wait.  Sun, swimming, and please, oh please, a break from this eczema that has taken over our family.  We are very dry and very uncomfortable. 




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2 responses to “Pack It Up

  1. Al Herrmann

    She is way cute.

    The only good thing about you living so far away is that I never have to smell her poop.

    Happy Florida!


  2. nicmark67

    Pooey! I read that you have eczema. Try swimmer’s skin for swimming protects your skin before ou go into the water. Worth a try?

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