Merry Christmas

If you are reading this, there is a good chance we miss you very much right now.  I wish Christmas was a portal that lead you to a place where all the people you love are.  Like Quantum Leap, but different.  Actually, nothing like Quantum Leap.  That would be awful.

Wish you were here & tons of Love & hope your holidays are like a portal that is not on Quantum Leap!


In my family, we open one present on Christmas Eve.  I was lucky enough to marry into a family that has the same tradition.  


Tonight was Harper’s first Christmas Eve, and she had a wonderful time.  She tore wrapping paper, ate a box, and even partied past 7:00 p.m. with new buddies.  Lets cross our fingers she keeps the good times coming.  I think she will as she LOVES her Grammy & Granddad, ripping wrapping paper, boxes, food and Florida.




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2 responses to “Merry Christmas

  1. Mr. I. M. Angry

    I am an irate consumer who saw your website and got so hungry I wanted to order cookies but you shut down your site!!! I want to order cookies now!


    PS. Love the cute Harper pictures hope you are having a good holiday

  2. Oh my God I love that first photo. I am very impressed that you got some good Christmas photos and posted them on Christmas! I haven’t even sorted through our photos yet.

    By the way, Sadie and Jack also have a thing for tearing up wrapping paper. The toys inside the packages were okay, but it was really all about the paper and ribbons. I found myself wondering how much of a choking threat ribbons really are, because Sadie could clearly occupy herself for a few hours with an assortment of ribbons. Hmmm.

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