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We’ve Moved


Not from Chicago, silly!  I’ve moved the blog.  Milkymilk is now at TypePad.  I have loved Word Press, for reals.  It is just time to move on.  It is a new year, and I can’t do my cute mini etsy store thingy on this blog.

I also have a new slightly used fancy pants computer.  It has Photo Shop, too!  Maybe I’ll even color correct a photo…  Lets not get too ambitious here.  See you at the new slightly improved Milkymilk!



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Biz’s Beat of the Day


This is a very old picture of Harper.  It is from this summer, when she had a baby tan and wore sun dresses.  Before she was mobile enough to eat dirt, and before the ground froze and was covered by snow.  I was playing flickr tag, when you post the 5th picture form your 5th file of photos, when I found this.

I have to make about 154 dozen cookies by Monday.  I might not be posting as much until then.  Yesterday, I made all the dough.  In the midst of using up about 16 lbs. of butter, I found time to put a cute outfit on the baby in an effort to photograph her for a post.  It did not work out, like most things baby related.  She sat there like a deer in headlights.  Normally she lights up and performs a bit when she sees the camera.  Really, she loves it.  As soon as the camera was put away, she discovered how fun the broom is.  It was freakishly cute, but you will just have to take my word for it.  

She also chose yesterday, of all days, to revisit her one crappy nap a day bit.  Come on now.  Work with me, baby girl.  Over 154 dozen cookies.  By Monday.  NAP.  Please.  Your other option is to watch Yo Gabba Gabba, and you don’t want ADD.


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Kippy Christmas


Skylar’s office holiday party was at Dave and Busters this year.  I have not played arcade games since I was a kid, and can I just say, I have gotten way better.  With a few ticket donations from our friends, we were able to win this classy Care Bear for Harper.  Her Kippy Christmas could not have been better.


I ended up making a bone for Dignon out of drop cloth material.  I like the color.  It is sturdy and rugged, but minimal.  It is also very poorly made, in a somewhat charming way.  He loves it.



The cats’ felt catnip mice are beyond adorable.  However, felt is not an ideal material for cat toys, as it is already somewhat disintegrating with their drool and teethmarks.  

Merry Kippy Christmas from out kitties and puppy to yours!

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Christmas Craft Conundrum


Awe, last year’s tree.

I am not crafty by nature, but the time has come for me to break out a glue gun of some sort and figure out solutions to these problems:

1) Is there a way to craft an attractive and sturdy dog toy?

*I did find this recipe for doggy donuts that I think will be fabulous.

2) We need a Christmas tree alternative.  There is no way to childproof a Christmas tree, and I’m not too keen on how one looks with a baby gate around it.  (Not to mention, I’m not too keen on spending the cash on a baby gate for a Christmas tree.)

*I always wanted to make these Design*Sponge paper ornaments, but I’m not sure if it will be enough…

Any ideas?


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4 years ago today

I met Skylar for the first time.  I was having brunch at Auntie Em’s with my friends Al & Liz.  Our friend Donna, who is a culinary whiz that works at Auntie Em’s, and her boyfriend, John, met us too.  John asked his friend, Skylar, to come.  The rest is history.  

He was the cutest thing I had ever seen.  I rushed home, and called my mom.  Smooth move?  Must have been, because he called me on the other line to ask me out.  (John gave him my number after I asked John about a thousand questions about Skylar and whether or not he would go out with me.)  

A year and a half later he asked me to marry him.  A year after that we were married, and about 11 months later we had Harper.

This morning he is in bed, after a long night vomiting.  He must have what I had.  I guess this will not be the most romantic day of our lives, but I still get butterflies in my tummy when I see him.  (No, it isn’t the food poisoning or stomach flu thing, either.)


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Skylar and I began our Christmas shopping today, and it was not as stressful as I had anticipated.  Hopefully, this holiday season will be smooth like butter.

I also got my hair cut, and can I just say, I feel fabulous.  That is right, I do.  I missed my last appointment, at the end of October, which is not like me at all.  I L-O-V-E, love, the girl who cuts my hair, Laura at Luxe.  Really, my favorite ever.  My hair was crazy overgrown and has been in an awkward ponytail for a at least a week.  I feel so much better now.

Harper cried while I was at the salon.  I would like to think it was because she missed me, but I don’t think that was it.  Two and a half weeks ago, I had it with her taking one half hour nap a day.  She started that when she was about 6 months.  I put her on a nap schedule.  It led to her napping for at least an hour, sometimes two!  Before I knew it, her day was totally scheduled, she was taking two good naps a day, and sleeping though the night (jinx)!  Today, I treated this schedule with disregard, because we were Christmas shopping, hello.  She did not cope with this as well as I though she would.  (It is her first Christmas, after-all.)  Low and behold, the baby loves her schedule.  I like it, too.  Although, two naps kinda infringe on our social life.


Our day(s):*

6:30 wake up

7:00-ish breakfast

8:30-ish bottle

10:00 nap

11:00-ish bottle

noon lunch

2:00 bottle & nap 

4:00 bottle

5:30-ish dinner

by 7:00 bath, bottle, bed

*Now that this is in writing it will never happen again.  That is cool, though.  I have a lot more holiday shopping to do.


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A day in the life of the ridiculously adorable:


She learned to ‘walk’ with her toy stroller.


But, she has not figured out how to turn it around after she hits something with it, like the wall.


She offered Spanky some information on Bubbles Academy.  Spanky was not interested.


We spent a long time trying to get a picture of her two teeth.


At the end of a long day, Harper relaxed by wiping her dinner in her hair.



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