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A Bad Day in Spanky and Baby’s Relationship

This is Harper’s alien baby doll.  It is really just a baby dressed up like an alien, not a baby alien…  At least not to my knowledge.

In other news, Spanky (our cat who was named Skanky before we had a baby) swatted Harper for the first time today.  She has been grabbing fist fulls of Spanky’s hair for a while now, despite my attempts to encourage her to gently pet the kitty.  I must say, she has been better about not pulling on the fur.  She moved on to the bell on Spanky’s collar.  She grabs it with such enthusiastic vigor and shakes it like the cat’s neck is her rattle.  

Spanky had enough.  She is 12 years old and 16 pounds.  She eats.  She naps.  And she is no body’s rattle.  She swatted the baby in the face.

I heard Harper cry from the kitchen, and I came running, a day late and a dollar short.  I had never heard her cry like that.  I don’t think she was crying as much from the minor scratch as she was from the rejection.  She really loves the animals.  It was pretty sad stuff.

I thought maybe this would not be as bleak as it seems.  Maybe Harper would learn to give the cat some space.  I was wrong.  The saga continues; Harper goes for Spanky’s collar, Spanky is annoyed, but not wanting to move, the tension builds…  Ugh.



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