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French Fries for Babies


So we are back from a relaxing vacation in St Louis.  Harper and I took the train down from Chicago for only $19!  Crazy.  I thought it would be not so nice, but it was wonderful.  There was plenty of room to stretch out, relax and watch endless cornfields.  We met nice people, and stumbled upon a subculture of tourists who take train rides for vacations.  Like, the ride is the destination.  I like it.  I want to do it this fall with Harper.  Just watch the fall color, take naps, talk to strangers, while she can ride for free.

We met my mom in St Louis to spend a few days sight seeing.  She gave Harper her first french fry, and Harper spilled her Chardonnay.  I was pretty shocked at my mom feeding french fries to my 7 month old, but my mom was like ‘It is the perfect first food.’  Really?  Is it? 

Skylar and Harper’s godparents joined us over the weekend.  We were all in St Louis for a wedding.  It was the perfect ceremony, in the planetarium under the ‘stars’, all full of imperfections and quirky and beautiful and modest and sincere and I balled through the whole thing.

It had been a while since we had spent that much time with a childless couple (Harper’s godparents), and it was a stark reminder of how much our lives have changed in such a short amount of time.  I did not realize how carefree my life was, how much of a grown up I have become.  It was unsettling and exciting at the same time.


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