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Shout Out to Skylar & Buy my Cookies

Skylar’s crazy busy time at work is over, so he took over tending to Harper for me this weekend.  A saint, I tell you, the man is a saint.  I am a lucky lady.  

I took the time to turn his ‘office’ into my craft room.  He is just finding this out as he reads this, but I’m sure he saw it coming for a while now.  Like, when, a few weeks ago we moved his stuff into the basement… 

Inspired by Design Mom’s post about the felt food craze, I went to town making Christmas gifts for Harper, Spanky (formerly known as Skanky) and Trixie.  



I made felt cookies For Harper, although the zip lock bag is what she really asked for.  


For Spanky, and Trixie, catnip filled dead felt mice.  They are in the fridge so they don’t go bad. 


I also got a head start on my holiday cookies.  This year, I’m selling them on Etsy, too.  Wish me luck!



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Oh, Thanx. You Shouldn’t Have.

Trixie brought me a gift this morning.  

Last year, for Christmas, we got some very large bells for her collar, in an effort to save the birds.  They were very Christmasy sounding bells, and very loud.  Very very loud.  Every time she moved, which is often, the sound of slay bells would ring thought out the house.  I couldn’t take the noise.  I took the bells off her collar.  It looks like they might have to go back on…

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Today I heard a small squeak as I was taking out the trash. I turned to see Trixie in our neighbor’s yard, killing a baby bunny.

She killed one last year about this same time, too. That time she brought it to the back door, and began eating it on the door mat. I flipped out, confiscated the bunny, and called my mom. She was not impressed.

“It is not like there is a shortage of bunnies in the world.”

This year, Trixie kept it in the neighbor’s yard, and ate most of it. She crunched up the bones first. Next, she opened up the body. She ate the parts she likes, and the snacked on the skin for a while. She spent the rest of the day in bed, kinda like Thanks Giving…

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