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no playdates at this house today

On weather.com there is a 100% chance of rain at 2:00 today.  (I love that it is 100%.)  That is when we were going to meet up with some mommy and baby buddies at the park.

I’d invite them over, but the dog has a cone on his head.  He has a scratch that got infected, or something, so he has to ware a cone for a week.  He keeps running into stuff with it, and it has made him a bit depressed, understandably.  Harper is finally over her fear of the cone.  She was terrified of it last night.  I mean jumping out of her skin, the poor thing.  Our house hold was pretty nuts-o these last 24 hours, but it has been funny.  At least, I think it is funny.  The dog is not so amused.



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