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Do You Like Crazies?

Skylar and I have been together almost four years now, and we still have a lot to learn about each other.  For instance, I did not know that when he says Crasins it sounds like he is saying Crazies until this weekend in the check out line at Target:

Skylar: (motioning to the display by the check out, the one with odds and ends like purell and chapstick) “Do you like Crazies?”

Me: (Looking bewildered at the display)  “Crazies?”

Skylar:  “Yea, Crazies?”

Me:  “Crazies?”

Skylar:  “You know, cranberries and raisins, Crazies.”

Me:  “Oh, Crasins!”

Skylar:  “That is what I said, Crazies!”


(In this picture he forgot his jacket, so he is using Harper’s blankey to stay warm at the park.  He looks like a super hero, though.)



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