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Now What


We are headed back to Chicago tonight, a fate only worse than being cleaned for the baby, I am sure.  Good bye fishing docks, sunny beaches, doting grandparents, hello cold cruel world.  On some level I’m looking forward to winter again (masochist?), but I don’t know how we will make it though 3 more months of it.  Just think, 3 months from now Harper will probably be walking and taking a bit.  The ground will only be beginning to thaw.


Really, how will we make it though being stuck indoors till March/April-ish?  We have new toys from Christmas, maybe if I give her one a week.  O.k., that will give us about 10-20 minutes of fun about 3 times a day, more or less.  We have playgoups, say about 3 days a week from 11:00-1:00.  We could build a fort?  Fun for mom.  Nap.  Snack. Repeat?  HELP!  How do I keep her occupied without dirt or a swing?



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She Found The Dirt Inside





As we suspected, potting soil does not taste so good.  She discovered the joys of house plants right before her nap.  When I went in to get her, after she woke up, her whole room wreaked of rosemary.


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Biz’s Beat of the Day


This is a very old picture of Harper.  It is from this summer, when she had a baby tan and wore sun dresses.  Before she was mobile enough to eat dirt, and before the ground froze and was covered by snow.  I was playing flickr tag, when you post the 5th picture form your 5th file of photos, when I found this.

I have to make about 154 dozen cookies by Monday.  I might not be posting as much until then.  Yesterday, I made all the dough.  In the midst of using up about 16 lbs. of butter, I found time to put a cute outfit on the baby in an effort to photograph her for a post.  It did not work out, like most things baby related.  She sat there like a deer in headlights.  Normally she lights up and performs a bit when she sees the camera.  Really, she loves it.  As soon as the camera was put away, she discovered how fun the broom is.  It was freakishly cute, but you will just have to take my word for it.  

She also chose yesterday, of all days, to revisit her one crappy nap a day bit.  Come on now.  Work with me, baby girl.  Over 154 dozen cookies.  By Monday.  NAP.  Please.  Your other option is to watch Yo Gabba Gabba, and you don’t want ADD.


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Harper’s First Snow

Oh, I can’t tell you how beautiful the first snow of the season is, or can I even attempt to show you in a snapshot.  Before moving to Chicago last year, I had only lived in Texas and California.  You can imagine my shock at winter.  Last year there was snow on the ground from November through February, maybe March.  The biggest shock is that I freaking love it!  OMG!  This first snow’s timing could not have been better, December 1st.  The advent calender’s first chocolate has been eaten, presents are wrapped, I found the Christmas music channel on my cable (O.K. that was one step too far.)

I bundled up Harper, and set her on a blanket (to keep he from getting wet) in the front ‘yard’.  It is more a like an exaggerated planter.  She quietly surveyed her surroundings; cold, gray, damp, void of color.  Her expression remained fixed, hating it but not wanting to cry, for fear her tears would only add to the chilly damp.  She tried briefly to play in it, but it just made her mittens wet. I’m not sure if she was trying to play in it, as much as dig out the world she once knew.  ‘Where did it go?  Grass?  Leaves?  DIRT?  What will I eat?’




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Happy Halloween!

See, I have not been exaggerating about the eating dirt. She LOVEs it. 

She was an kitty this, her first, Halloween, and I don’t this she is going to wear white again till her wedding day (if she into that stuff.) By the end of our Halloween playdate extravaganza at the park, she was an alley cat.


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Would you like a hand full of dirt, little girl?

Yesterday I made cupcakes for Skylar’s work.

Today, I used the profits to get Harper Roll-a-Rounds.  She saw them at a play group, and she was all, “Mom!  We have to get these!  I LOVE them!  LOVE LOVE LOVE them!  Roll-a-Roundsssssssss!”  O.k., she can’t talk, but she did chase after them.  They seemed to hold her attention for a little bit, and it was rainy, we were stuck at home, and I needed another prop to keep her doing something other than pulling my hair or sucking on my cheek. 

On the way home from the toy store, she got fussy in her stroller.  I handed her some fall leaves, to distract her.  It worked.  It worked a little too well.  

Now, we are home, and she will only play with the leaves.  From now on, when I go to buy Harper another toy, remind me of this day.  Remind me that she would be just has happy, if not happier, with a handful of dirt.

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a lonely toy stroller

I spent the majority of last week, home with a cold, convincing Skylar we HAD to get this toy stroller for Harper, because she was bored stiff with pulling up on the furniture.  He finally caved, and it is so nice to come home and see this itty bitty girly toy in the living room.

Meanwhile, Harper has spent this whole week outside eating dirt.  Really, she is pooping dirt at this point.  I would make her stop, but it makes her soooo happy.

Oh, and I never realized how full of chocking hazards the world is till I had a six month old putting everything in arms reach in her mouth.  There is an infinite amount of small matter out there.

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