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I weaned the baby.  

It has been a little over a week now, and I guess I have not said anything about it here because I’ve been pretty conflicted.  She is turning nine months this week, so it is kind of early.  The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends moms nurse for 12 months, and there are health benefits for extended breastfeeding.   

It stared when we were on our way home from brunching on Southport one weekend.  She was over 6 months.  She got really hungry during our walk.  I had to stop at a bus stop to nurse her.  There I was, watching traffic go by, my boob barely sheltered by my hooter hider, and I thought, “She can almost hold the bottle by herself.”  She was also getting to an age where she wanted to see what was going on at all times.  She would thow off the hooter hider, also known as child lead flashing.  

I thought I would be a more hardcore nurser than I was.  I thought I would be brave and relaxed about nursing in public, but it always made me shy and uncomfortable.  I was never the girl with the most beads in the French Quarter.  My hooter hider was my only hope (which for the first 6 months she was great with.)  So I started giving her formula when we were out and about.  I have to say, she was totally cool with it.  She even preferred it to the hooter hider.

After a month or so of this, my supply started to decreese.  I had two choices, I could stop giving her the bottle so often to increese my supply, or I could wean her.  So I moved her to 3 solid food meals a day, and increased the bottles.  Before I knew it, I had no more milk.  The whole thing was much easier and quicker than I thought it would be.  Well, I guess we had been moving towards it for months, but without really thinking about it.  

I have been feeling a bit selfish about the whole thing.  Pros of weaning:  

  • I have SO MUCH more energy.  It is crasy how much making milk took out of me.  
  • I can drink all the diet coke I want.  That is a lot, and I LOVE it.  
  • I can wear whatever I want, and not have to think about how it will grant access.
  • I am not flashing people.
  • I can drink freely.

All those reasons are pretty shallow and selfish in caparison to the health benefits for Harper, like less risk of having allergies, a higher IQ, less likely to face childhood obesity, and so on.  I’ve been feeling a bit guilty about it.  

Today, I’m pretty sure I’m being punished.  My left breast is larger than my right.  I spent a good amount of time trying to rectify this situation with a low cut shirt I had on.  I changed shirts.  At least this is a problem a drink can solve.



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The Mom You Thought You’d Be


Have you ever noticed people without children are very quick to judge parents and talk about how to properly raise kids?  I was like that.  Now that I have been a mom for almost nine months, I have come to the realization that I’m not the mom I thought I’d be.  

In some ways I am.  I’ve become my mother, right down to muttering in inappropriate places, like the diaper isle and around small children, “Damn it all to hell.” & “Hell, fire and damnation.”  & “Jesus age Christ.”  I have instituted a ‘don’t bother mommy for a while, even if you don’t sleep’ daily nap.

I thought I would be a cool mom, and I am not in the following ways:  

  • I thought I would take Harper to art openings.  (Openings are at bedtime, 7:00, and bedtime is sacred.)
  • I thought I would be flexible about bedtime, and not say stuff like, ‘Bedtime is sacred.’
  • I thought I would have time to work on my art & craft stuff.  (That is just funny; extra time!)
  • I thought I would do baby sign language.
  • I thought I would cloth diaper.  (There is still time for this one…)
  • I thought I would get mani-pedis.   
  • I did not think I would see her eating the cat’s food, and think, ‘Oh, well.  That can wait.  She is happy, not choking, and apparently, despite that I share my Starbucks scones with her, she likes savory food.’
  • I did not think I would let her watch T.V. till she was 2 years old, but I have decided MSNBC does not count.
  • I thought I would lose all the baby weight within 9 months. (I still have 5 lbs., but I think it is non-smoking weight.)

I’m sure this list will evolve as she grows up, as I become the mom I’m becoming.  How are you not the mom, or dad, you thought you would be?


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Rice and Lentils

This was a few weeks ago, but I just got around to posting it.  It was the first time I gave Harper homemade baby food.

It was a recipe I found in ‘What to Expect The First Year’ for rice and lentils.  I was so proud of myself, such a heath conscious, thrifty and well read mama.  Harper was not too impressed.  It was pretty nasty stuff, I have to say.  

Now, I just feed her little bits of what I’m having, and lots of mushy things like sweet potatoes, bananas, avocados, bread and squash.  She likes cheese, too.


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Ice Cream for Breakfast

Skylar:  “Did you think it was weird when Amy said her daughter had sugar for the first time on her first birthday?”

Me:  “No, a lot of parents say things like that.  What people don’t stop to think about is that sugar is not the enemy. Breast milk is sweet, formula contains sugar, fruit has sugar.  It is empty calories you don’t want to give to babies.”

Skyar:  “Can I just point out it is 8:30 in the morning, and you are standing in front of me with 1/2 gallon of ice cream in one hand and a spoon in the other.”


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craft your own kid’s toy that they will kinda sorta like

While looking for a job on craig’s list (just for kicks), I saw this ad that babycenter.com was looking for ideas on how to make kids’ toys.  I thought, ‘Hey!  I have a baby, I have an BFA & an MFA in studio art, I should excel at this.’  Maybe nursing is taking away my ability to think critically, not that I thought it would be that hard, but it IS.  

Sprinkles in a baby food jar.  That was the best I could I could do?  As you can tell by the photo, she loves it.  Really, she kinda does like it.  Not as much as she likes dirt and power cords, but she likes it.


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French Fries for Babies


So we are back from a relaxing vacation in St Louis.  Harper and I took the train down from Chicago for only $19!  Crazy.  I thought it would be not so nice, but it was wonderful.  There was plenty of room to stretch out, relax and watch endless cornfields.  We met nice people, and stumbled upon a subculture of tourists who take train rides for vacations.  Like, the ride is the destination.  I like it.  I want to do it this fall with Harper.  Just watch the fall color, take naps, talk to strangers, while she can ride for free.

We met my mom in St Louis to spend a few days sight seeing.  She gave Harper her first french fry, and Harper spilled her Chardonnay.  I was pretty shocked at my mom feeding french fries to my 7 month old, but my mom was like ‘It is the perfect first food.’  Really?  Is it? 

Skylar and Harper’s godparents joined us over the weekend.  We were all in St Louis for a wedding.  It was the perfect ceremony, in the planetarium under the ‘stars’, all full of imperfections and quirky and beautiful and modest and sincere and I balled through the whole thing.

It had been a while since we had spent that much time with a childless couple (Harper’s godparents), and it was a stark reminder of how much our lives have changed in such a short amount of time.  I did not realize how carefree my life was, how much of a grown up I have become.  It was unsettling and exciting at the same time.

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