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Neglected Alien Baby Doll

A while ago I got Harper a little toy stroller for her to push around and use to practice walking.  These days they say not to buy your kids walkers like we had, because they can fall on their head, or get stuck in floor heating grates or something awful could happen.  Instead, she pulls up on the stroller, it starts to roll away, and she falls down.  It is not fun.  Admittedly, I totally jumped the gun and got this for her way before she was ready to try to walk.  

Last week, she started cruising the furniture.  I thought to myself, oh it is only a matter of minutes before she is pushing her stroller around the house, tending to her alien baby doll.  I was partially right.  She pushes her Ikea Rusig rocker around the house.  It makes this horrible sound on the wood floor.  It sounds like untrustworthy movers.



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