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Delicious Pork Product


Yesterday, after a playdate, I found one of Harper’s buddy’s toys in her pants.  

I have no idea how it got there.  I had to photograph it immediately.  I guess I was not paying very close attention to her while I was trying to get just the right shot of the toy & her pants, because I looked down and saw this:


Today we met our friend, and Skylar’s cousin, Elizabeth for coffee.  It is cold here now, I think the high today was 36.  Harper was bundled in all her winter gear.  We got to the coffee shop before Elizabeth, and I spent what felt like ages pealing off Harper’s layers.  I set her down on the floor while I situated all her accessories and my coffee.  There was a big comfy chair, and I pulled her up to sit with me.  I offered a toy.  She offered me some bacon.

BACON!  No lie.  Half eaten floor greasy bacon.  I really need to start keeping a closer eye on her.



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Crazy messy house, but nice fridge door

Harper turned 6 months last Friday, and overnight our lives changed.  Now, I can just set her down on the floor in the middle of her toys and she plays contently for at least 10 minute stretches.  No more having to constantly hold her.  No more wondering about where to set her down.  No more having to constantly comfort or amuse her.  So now what…


I figured I’d do something I like to do, draw.  Before I knew it, the house looked like it exploded.  Oh well.  At least I made something pretty for the fridge door.


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