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Make the dog stop looking at me


Dignon, my husband’s 7 year old 80 lbs German Shepard mix, has a hot spot.  I don’t mean like a cool place to go to, but an open wound on his side he licks all day long making it larger and larger, redder, bloodier, and generally ickier.  It has put him in a bad mood, needless to say.  Big dogs in bad moods with open wounds don’t mix so well with little babies who just learned to crawl (i.e. chase dogs.)  So, Dignon spent the afternoon in the kitchen & bedroom half of our flat.  O.K.  He really spent the day looking at me, all forlorn, though the glass door.  


So I made a screen out of some construction paper and masking tape.  I like it.  I think it looks kinda Oriental.


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