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Would you like a hand full of dirt, little girl?

Yesterday I made cupcakes for Skylar’s work.

Today, I used the profits to get Harper Roll-a-Rounds.  She saw them at a play group, and she was all, “Mom!  We have to get these!  I LOVE them!  LOVE LOVE LOVE them!  Roll-a-Roundsssssssss!”  O.k., she can’t talk, but she did chase after them.  They seemed to hold her attention for a little bit, and it was rainy, we were stuck at home, and I needed another prop to keep her doing something other than pulling my hair or sucking on my cheek. 

On the way home from the toy store, she got fussy in her stroller.  I handed her some fall leaves, to distract her.  It worked.  It worked a little too well.  

Now, we are home, and she will only play with the leaves.  From now on, when I go to buy Harper another toy, remind me of this day.  Remind me that she would be just has happy, if not happier, with a handful of dirt.


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