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Now What


We are headed back to Chicago tonight, a fate only worse than being cleaned for the baby, I am sure.  Good bye fishing docks, sunny beaches, doting grandparents, hello cold cruel world.  On some level I’m looking forward to winter again (masochist?), but I don’t know how we will make it though 3 more months of it.  Just think, 3 months from now Harper will probably be walking and taking a bit.  The ground will only be beginning to thaw.


Really, how will we make it though being stuck indoors till March/April-ish?  We have new toys from Christmas, maybe if I give her one a week.  O.k., that will give us about 10-20 minutes of fun about 3 times a day, more or less.  We have playgoups, say about 3 days a week from 11:00-1:00.  We could build a fort?  Fun for mom.  Nap.  Snack. Repeat?  HELP!  How do I keep her occupied without dirt or a swing?



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Chocolate Covered Pretzels & Beer

So good and easy, it is my latest obsession.  I get a bag of whole wheat pretzel sticks from Trader Joe’s, and some semi-sweet chocolate chips, melt the chocolate chips in a double boiler, dip pretzels, add sprinkles if desired, cool in the fridge, open a beer, and voila, the best bedtime snack ever!  I like to think it is healthy, too, because it is a) whole wheat b) chocolate & c) homemade.

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