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Solid Foods, who-da thunk it’d be so hard

So a while ago we started Harper on solid foods. I admit, I’m not a parent who reads about parenting. I do things on demand, and have a pretty demanding child.  (I have not idea where she gets it.) So who needs books, right? Solid food. I eat it all the time. They make it for babies, and sell it in glass jars at the store. Open the jar. Feed the baby. Yea! Solid Food!

If I had been a bit more cautious, like most first time parents that know where the parenting section of their local library is, frequent Barns and Noble or Borders or what have you, and look stuff up on-line, my child would not have had diarrhea for 3 DAYS! Her poor bum is red. I have been changing diapers endlessly. There is so much poop, green and clumpy or yellow and wet. Damn you multi-grain infant serial! Ugh. One grain at a time, one grain at a time. Not rice serial, and then multi grain.




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