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There is a Baby on my Lap

I’m not sure how well I can type with a baby on my lap, but here it goes.  Daylight savings has us a bit wacky this morning.  Normally I wake up before Harper, have a bath, some coffee, milk and oatmeal, and then she wakes up.  She has breakfast in her highchair while I watch the news.

This morning we woke up at the same time.  I don’t function before a bath & breakfast.  I let her cry while I slipped into the tub.  Skylar woke up, probably from the deafening wailing coming from the nursery, and fetched the baby.  She was ready for her breakfast while I was having mine.  In my morning daze I didn’t think.  I just picked her up and gave her what I was having.  I’m pretty sure Trader Joe’s maple favored oatmeal is full of sugar, which is probably why she liked it more than anything ever ever.  I’m also pretty sure I’m going to be paying the price for giving an infant a sugar filled breakfast the rest of the day.

She also did put a homemade Oreo in her mouth last night.  She did not eat any of it, but the taste alone blew her mind.  We confiscated the cookie, but she kept going back for them with a fierce determination that I hope will serve her well someday.


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