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Whippersnappers! I’m OLD!


Grant Park was amazing last night.  I don’t feel very articulate about it today, and I’m not sure if it because words fail me, or sleep deprivation.  Oh, I’m so sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy.  

I know I learned something about myself last night.  I am not part of the youth vote anymore.  I missed the cut off age by months.  Trust me, the youth vote is not as sleepy as I am today.  Their bed time is not 9:30.  I know this because I was young once, too, ya’ know.  Whippersnappers.



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Skylar and I + 64,998

We are going to Grant Park tonight to hear Obama speak.  I just want to take today and package it up, because no matter what the outcome is tonight, right now I have hope.  And, I want to look back at my these last two long years Obama has been running for president.

I fell for Obama when I heard an interview with him on NPR about his book.  It must have been Morning Addition, because I was on my way to work.  I was moved.  I thought, ‘Note to self, this guy is amazing.’  Later, he announced his candidacy, and I was thrilled.  

All of my very liberal co-workers in Los Angeles thought he was too inexperienced, and were Hillary supporters.  I liked Hillary when she was first lady, probably at her least popular.  Since then I became sour on her because 1) The whole ‘stay by her man’ bit seemed political 2) Don’t call yourself a feminist and then ask women to vote for you because of your gender.  I think feminism is the belief that women are people, too.  Girl power is the belief you vote for your gender.  Don’t get me wrong. If not for Obama, I would have overlooked those Hillary quarks, and voted for her. In the end, Obama moved me, and Hillary did not.

I liked McCain.  I wished the republican party would have nominated Huckabee because that guy is charming, fun to liston to, and way too wacky to get elected.  I really like him, in a crazy old uncle what-cha gonna do kinda way.  (I secretly watch his show on Fox.  Oh, secrets out!)  I didn’t think McCain was a nut at all.  I had so much respect for him.  When it came time for the debates, I tried to think like an undecided voter, and not like someone who was head over heals for Obama.  Other than I don’t think Reaganomics have worked, or will work, and I think his health care plan will leave all of us totally screwed, I cannot vote for anyone who confuses a dividend for a deduction.  Hello.  Senile.  

None of this is really what I wanted to say.  In the last two years I got married, moved form Los Angeles to Chicago, and had a baby.  We lost our shirt in the real estate market collapse last year.  I almost had to go on medicaid because pregnancy is considered a pre-existing condition, and we moved to another state during my pregnancy.  (I had been privately insured in LA, and new insurance that would cover the pregnancy in Chicago would have been over $1,200 a month.  That was when I was five months along, and it was a completely normal healthy pregnancy.  No red signs of any sort.)  I, thankfully, was lucky enough to get on my husband’s work insurance, and in the end we only had $2,500 in medical bills.

What I wanted to say is that the personal is political.  Everything we went though these last two years has only convinced me more that Obama is the person we need to lead our country right now.  He understands the problems we are facing, and has a plan to address these issues.  He has a plan to solve the heath care problems in this country that I can get behind.  He has a grasp on the economic meltdown, what caused it, and how to get out of it.  He makes me hopeful that someday Harper will live in a better world.  

Today, I have hope.  Tonight, we will be in Grant Park, and I will take tomorrow as it comes.


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Coffee for Voters


IMG_2529, originally uploaded by missmmgg.

Starbucks is giving a free tall coffee to anyone who comes in on November 4th who voted. Go! Vote! Get free coffee & ice cream! It will be a good day, no matter what the results.

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Ice Cream for Voters

This is a video our buddy J.M. Finholt made staring Harper’s Godfather, Dave Leamey, reminding you to vote.

If war and the meltdown of our economy were not enough to get you to the polls, Ben & Jerry’s is giving you ice cream to vote!  I wish I had known, because I think Harper ate my early voting receipt…

Oh, and one last thing:  I live in Chicago, Il, which will be blue come November 4th.  So, why oh why, are there McCain adds here?  What a waste of money, right?  I don’t see Obama ads here, because, Hello, this is Chicago, Il.  You don’t need to preach to the choir.


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Vote Early & Vote Often!

I voted today.  How about you?

Not to discourage anyone form voting early, but, in Chicago, you do not get an ‘I Voted’ sticker.  It sux, I know.   You do get this nice receipt, though.  I supose you could put some tape on it and tape it to yourself.  I am willing to send anyone who votes early and does not get a sticker some tape.  Don’t let a lack of sticker hold you back, I have lots of tape!


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