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Bundle This


Yesterday we got Harper her winter gear, which, as you can tell by this photo, she loves.  

Actually, we put the coat on her in the store, and she lit up.  She was all, ‘Oooooo, I love this coat!  So fluffy, and warm, and the fur trim tickles my cheeks and makes me smile.  Don’t I look cute!’  I actually did say rather loudly, “My daughter is so cute, how can anyone in this store not be looking at her!”  It is a size 12 months, so it is a little big.  We figured she’d grow out of it this spring, though.  Until then, she looks like the abominable baby, with multi-colored hearts.

I think her displeasure is caused by the Bundle Me.  She already felt confined by the stroller, and now the sleeping bag contraption attached to it only makes it more restraining.  Oh well, she’ll thank me later when she has not lost her toes to frost bite.  Toes are cool.


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