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where is the mute button on this thing?


Harper, now at 8 months, has started taking a pacifier. Most babies give up their pacifier by this age.  Most mommies I know that have babies older than 6 months still taking the pacifier, are thinking about how to get them off of it.  

I wanted her to take one so she wouldn’t cry.  Ever.  I would like her to never cry again.  This is not going to happen, and I don’t know why I thought a pacifier would be some magical tool that would perpetually soothe her every issue.  It is just a fake nipple, not a silencer.  So I should just take it away, right?  It would really be a non-issue for her at this point.  But I have not given up belief in the magical pacifier powers…  Am I setting myself up for failure here?



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