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Kippy Christmas


Skylar’s office holiday party was at Dave and Busters this year.  I have not played arcade games since I was a kid, and can I just say, I have gotten way better.  With a few ticket donations from our friends, we were able to win this classy Care Bear for Harper.  Her Kippy Christmas could not have been better.


I ended up making a bone for Dignon out of drop cloth material.  I like the color.  It is sturdy and rugged, but minimal.  It is also very poorly made, in a somewhat charming way.  He loves it.



The cats’ felt catnip mice are beyond adorable.  However, felt is not an ideal material for cat toys, as it is already somewhat disintegrating with their drool and teethmarks.  

Merry Kippy Christmas from out kitties and puppy to yours!


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Christmas Craft Conundrum


Awe, last year’s tree.

I am not crafty by nature, but the time has come for me to break out a glue gun of some sort and figure out solutions to these problems:

1) Is there a way to craft an attractive and sturdy dog toy?

*I did find this recipe for doggy donuts that I think will be fabulous.

2) We need a Christmas tree alternative.  There is no way to childproof a Christmas tree, and I’m not too keen on how one looks with a baby gate around it.  (Not to mention, I’m not too keen on spending the cash on a baby gate for a Christmas tree.)

*I always wanted to make these Design*Sponge paper ornaments, but I’m not sure if it will be enough…

Any ideas?


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Oh no he Didn’t!

Dignon ate his first baby toy.  It was such a lovely toy, too.  Our friend Liz gave it to Harper.

So sad.


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no playdates at this house today

On weather.com there is a 100% chance of rain at 2:00 today.  (I love that it is 100%.)  That is when we were going to meet up with some mommy and baby buddies at the park.

I’d invite them over, but the dog has a cone on his head.  He has a scratch that got infected, or something, so he has to ware a cone for a week.  He keeps running into stuff with it, and it has made him a bit depressed, understandably.  Harper is finally over her fear of the cone.  She was terrified of it last night.  I mean jumping out of her skin, the poor thing.  Our house hold was pretty nuts-o these last 24 hours, but it has been funny.  At least, I think it is funny.  The dog is not so amused.


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Make the dog stop looking at me


Dignon, my husband’s 7 year old 80 lbs German Shepard mix, has a hot spot.  I don’t mean like a cool place to go to, but an open wound on his side he licks all day long making it larger and larger, redder, bloodier, and generally ickier.  It has put him in a bad mood, needless to say.  Big dogs in bad moods with open wounds don’t mix so well with little babies who just learned to crawl (i.e. chase dogs.)  So, Dignon spent the afternoon in the kitchen & bedroom half of our flat.  O.K.  He really spent the day looking at me, all forlorn, though the glass door.  


So I made a screen out of some construction paper and masking tape.  I like it.  I think it looks kinda Oriental.

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