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Leave the Baby in Another Room

Happy Holidays form sunny Florida!


Harper is almost 10 months, and has lost interest in walking.  It seems like a hassle, when crawling is just so easy.  This does not worry me.  Someday, she will walk.  She’ll certainly surcome to the peer pressure.  

What worries me is that she wants to climb.  I know people who have climbers.  They are not happy.  Their kids cannot be left in a room alone.  They end up dangling from high places, sometimes falling.  There are tears and little time spent not watching the climber.  I have so looked forward to a time when I can leave the baby in another room, and she will amuse herself.  I mean that in a loving way, in a I’m running out of tricks to entertain you, baby girl, and I need to use big words sometimes way.  Maybe if I just rid the house of climbable objects, like furniture, it will be o.k.  There would be fewer objects to dust, too!  And, the dog will not have the temptation of the couch.  That dog. and the couch. the hair.  ugh.


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craft your own kid’s toy that they will kinda sorta like

While looking for a job on craig’s list (just for kicks), I saw this ad that babycenter.com was looking for ideas on how to make kids’ toys.  I thought, ‘Hey!  I have a baby, I have an BFA & an MFA in studio art, I should excel at this.’  Maybe nursing is taking away my ability to think critically, not that I thought it would be that hard, but it IS.  

Sprinkles in a baby food jar.  That was the best I could I could do?  As you can tell by the photo, she loves it.  Really, she kinda does like it.  Not as much as she likes dirt and power cords, but she likes it.


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Skylar came home from work the other night to my taping job.  He looked at it.  He looked away.  He has not said anything about it, which is his way of saying ‘I married a crazy person.  A crazy person with too much follow through.’


Now, rather than chewing on the power cords, Harper picks at the tape.  Oh well.  Someday she’ll understand the difference between dangerous objects and toys…  Right?



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