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An Open Letter of Unsolicited Advice


I know a few pregnant ladies and new moms (new than me).  They have got me thinking about all the crazy things people tell you when you are pregnant or holding a newborn.  It is like a free pass for total strangers to tell you how you should eat, give birth, find your kegel, breath into your pelvic floor, get your baby to sleep, eat, go longer between feedings, poop more, poop less.  

Now, I want to tell them every bit of advice I found useful.  I have become one of those people.  It was inevitable.  So here it goes:

  •  You are going to be a great mother.
  • You know everything you need to know.  (Don’t let anyone tell you how to parent your kids, especially me.  Only you know how to mother your baby.  Why?  Because you are the mommy, that is why!)
  • Tell your husband you have diareha.  There are days, or weeks, that will be hard.  Just tell your partner you have diareah.  Go in the bathroom.  Relax.  Read a magazine.  Do your nails, whatever it takes till you feel better.  (This is the best advice I ever got.)
  • Sit down with your partner before the baby comes, and discuss how you will devide the responsibilities, i.e. baby care, cleaning, laundry, finances, all it takes to run your household.
  • All you need to do for the first 3 weeks is nurse.

I wish I could remember more of the crazy stuff, but there was too much going on.  People would mostly comment on how big my belly was, and marvel at that I could still fit into the booth at Ruby Tuesday’s.  Hot.

Dish, what did people tell you?


(This picture is of my mom, who is not big on unsolicited advice.  I’m lucky to have her.)



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Pregnant Ladies are Hot?

I’m not sure what they are putting in the water these days, but I feel like every other woman I know is pregnant.  One lady friend, who is 3 weeks from her due day & SO freakishly cute with her baby belly, said it was because the economy is bad.  People cannot afford to go out, so they are staying in and making babies.  

Whatever the reason, it has made me nostalgic for my pregnant days.  Nostalgic?  Already?  Harper is seven months?  That is crazy talk, you might say.  But I am one of those crazy people who loved being pregnant, and thought I was so hot with my baby belly.  Then I looked back at an old picture:

What was I thinking?  I was huge!  Ugh. I look so out of touch with what is actually happening to my body.  There is a human being in there!  It looks like there is a human being in there.  That is not hot, it is just crowded.

Wow.  I’m glad for that dose of reality, because I’m not really ready for another baby.  A kitten on the other hand…

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